Monday, December 10, 2007

I've been busy lately..I'll call u back eh..

Sooooooooryyyy! It was ages ago when i last wrote something here. I've been busy. Keyword-busy. Not a moment in my life had gone without i put it to good use. Really!

You see, i am always constantly doing thing from the moment i wake up to the dreamland. At least 20 hours in my daily live are set aside for my crime prevention activities, producing kmj, running from 1 location to others and working. Yup! why? well unlike others who has a stable income from their respective employer, i had to work to earn a living.

As a fulltime volunteer, i just had to do everything. No work, no makan! Simple as that.

Now, you may wonder why am i bringing up this issue. The answers; survival.

I am not talking about my survival. I am talking about my nation. I just have to do something for the future generation. I want to have the ability to die peacefully when i knew i had done something in my spared life.

I may have laughed. I may have cried. But i did it because i can and i want to contribute. I just dont believe sitting doing nothing or barking at the wrong trees will have any benefits to my nation.

If you have what it takes, show others how to do it instead of just pointing what you perceived as wrong and doing nothing at all about it. Why solved a 10 cents problem with a 1 ringgit solution? My opinion; we are a frustrated lot.

We may have the negative energy, we may have this incurable anger and huge chunk of frustration. But it meant nothing at all should one doesnt convert it to action. But what is an action? How does it look like? Beats me. Everyone has their own interpretation.

Mine is simple; do something worthwhile like answering to phone calls, hugging your loved one, taking care of each others, etcc. Ask yourselves this question; if the phone ring now, your answer would be ..ahem..."I'll call u back ah", isnt it? And, you are not going to call them back because you pretended to be busy, right?

What if that was the last call you would received from your loved one, friends and those close to you? Will you not live a life full of regrets and sorrow?

This is my call. Forgive me if i failed to write for i am in the business of saving lives.

i feel your pain

i feel your pain
audrey & nurul hanis