Friday, February 15, 2008

I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize to all who had been trying to contact me or read an upadated version of my thought. I was (and still) very busy. But then again, why do i have to keep myself busy?

Hmm..simple...I evolves.
Man and machine became one...

Is it possible, you may asked? Yup. Just be you. Adapt.

For those who are unfamiliar with my style of writing, i am sorry. My ways of doing things are a bit different than your norms, perhaps. I am just pointing out the need for speed.

Where were you when sharlinie was abducted? I dont know. Me? I was doing my daily crime prevention workshops at schools. When the news broke out, i expected it. Why? Because somehow i knew it will happen sooner or later by the same culprits who did Nurin.

How would i feel? Same. Its like i havent given my best. I failed and so do you..

Hence, i suggest when you are about to laugh in any of your activity today, spare a thought of that little girl, NINI, who is being hidden and kept somewhere by that beast. Asked yourself this, have you done enough?

Ironic it may be but a lot of people wanted the criminal to be found ASAP. Unfortunately, this are selfish people! They want it to preserve thyselves. They dont want it to happen to their own families. They saw the need to prevent this from happening ever again to their kids!


I for one wants a different thing. I just want him to be found ASAP because I want NINI saved. Thats my priority.

Therefore, think before you leap.

Asked yourselves this;- Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem?

If you want sharlinie to be saved, you are part of the solution. If you just want to protect your own existance and interest, shame on you.

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i feel your pain

i feel your pain
audrey & nurul hanis