Wednesday, March 12, 2008

U got time ah?

hey hey is post election fever... Talk of the town fever...and i am also having a fever! No pun intended!really!!

I wonder how and i wonder why we still are talking about this election thing. I think if one has the time, one has to utilise this moment of serenity to ponder on what can we learnt from the election process.

I learnt about passion from the energy of people around me campaigning and championing their cause. I learnt that if we were to put our mind together, we could do many magical thing.

These are people who didnt have enough sleep during this episode. The crawled, they climbed and they rolled for the entire 13 days without fail. They managed to climb the highest pokok kelapa to hang the poster. They managed to erect a statue made completely of 6 X 5 inches flags of their parties. They managed many things!!

Then, reality strucked me. How come when we needed them the most in term of crime prevention campaign, they were never there?

I am still crying..

i feel your pain

i feel your pain
audrey & nurul hanis