Thursday, May 22, 2008

sorry again..

hi there good people. I havent had the time to blog recently and therefore i have to say sorry. Indeed a lot had happened while i left this blog thing..

First and foremost, as published by Harian Metro regarding about Bogus PhD holders and such, i received many responses. Some says it was good revelation. Some say kamal go to hell. Either way, at least i know why i am doing it; the truth.

I am not interested to know whether i am/was right or am/was wrong. I am only interested in the truth. While a lot of people are inclined to have their own say or belief in whatever issues at hand, politics, life and times namely, i am interested in saying the truth..nothing but the truth.

I had no malicious intent or hatred towards anyone who couldn't agree with me. I dont. In any of my debate, discussion or forums, i always has been interested in truth. Well, a lot of people just argue or discuss thing to prove that ONLY their views are right while others dont. And to them, i am really sorry to disappoint you...

I heard heard stories of kamal this kamal that, what an arrogant bastard i am, recalcitrant bla bla bla..but seriously i couldnt care less. Why? I am doing what i am supposed to do; spreading truth and dividing fact from fiction. I am not doing it to be popular but i am doing it for the sake of one-small-insignificant-word; truth.

Well, i remember 5 years ago when a politician or he-who-seek-to-be-somebody-in-the-political-circus eh, circle told me that i am too idealistic. Reason; i said you politician can afford to make promises and then forget it. I also said just because you cut ribbons and launched a campaign, it doesnt meant wound are heal and problem solved. Academically, i asked him why on earth that he was conducting the Belia Turun ke Kampung membasmi dadah? Why kampung? Are you saying that people in FELDA and kampung are drug addicts? I asked again why didnt he clean up youth in your own stable before turun ke kampung?

He got agitated. He said;"kamal, you are too idealistic!'.I just smiled.

My god! How can i deviate when i am dealing with precious lives here! I cant! I am committed to believe that it is my job to save live and he called me too idealistic!Ahaks...go figure!


Some good news..

A lot had happen recently. I bumped(figure of speech ya!!) into Deputy Minister Dato' Noraini of Puteri recently in Low Yatt, KL. We chatted. I found her very frank, transparent and of course charming la!.. and i said i am now willing to co-operate with her wing. Before this, i dont. Why? a lot of bangsawan ke udara from certain quaters. I dont work with clowns, if you had read my earlier posting la..With Noorani, i dont find that arrogantly disposition. She is genuine and i bent.

May 6.

I was entrusted to run the OUR HOME-THE SAFEST PLACE by Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB). The launching were held in KL Sentral by the SecGen of Housing & Local Gov, Dato' Ahmad Fuad Ismail. I participated because this MBSB are genuine in their pursuit to give out knowledge to the public. Not only they can finance your property, they make it a point to ensure your home is the safest place. Hence, i give my 100%.

May 10

The campaign is in Kulim now. 582 had been invited. 98 turned out.Go figure...

May 16

Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan.Wow!228 turned out!I am happy and closed to tears..uhm...macho man pun nagis jugak la...but seriously..i was happy to know that there are still some people who are willing to brave their lazy sunday and double holiday (isnin wesak) to participate in majlis ilmu like that. Normally, people dont.

May 20

My weekly radio pgrm over BERNAMA Radio 24. 915pm to 1000pm. Assignment for listeners next week is Pernahkah anda memainkan peranan dalam pencegahan jenayah? So, do call if you had contributed before.Number to call?carilah least you can tell people your effort in finding the numbers and contributed to the call for safety!!he he

May 21

RESPECT YOUR LIMIT campaign by Plus Expressways Berhad in Dewan Tun Dr Ismail, PWTC. I was the moderator for this and happy to note that over 140 attended this session. Some do care...

May 22

At my ofis in Shah Alam. Aircond rosak and lights out. Why? i donated my office to tikus to eat any insulation and wires. Sedekah...Received a call from mazidul yup..THE MAZIDUL over recent crime..the torso.

While doing so, he told me his newly opened blog @ visit ya? and i am typing this while the electrical contractor is repairing the wires...

Tomorrow i will be in Malacca for Respect Your Limit Campaign. Where? Go ask PLUS at 1-800-88-0000 ..he he he

My office is dark and gloom and i should be blind as a bat, you may asked? heart leads me.

kamal fnd hashim

i feel your pain

i feel your pain
audrey & nurul hanis