Saturday, November 3, 2007


The other day, someone bumped into me and began hurling strong worded opinion and question. I just stood there with a smile, just. I did what i do best; look at him with pity..pity that he had to prove he is indeed not as smart as he thought he was.

I then asked his a simple question.

Who is Razak Baginda? Respond-Political Analyst.
Prof Khoo Kay Kim? Respond- Historical Analyst.
What do you call a person who speculate on the Bourse? Respond- Investment Analyst.
What about economy? Respond- Economic Analyst.

Then, he was mute. 3 sec after that he walked away..head pointing to the ground. I could hear him muttering something which sounded like "sorry..i was wrong". Then again, as he was walking away, it may be just my imagination.

I didnt get a chance to inform him how and what i got to do to be a crime analyst.

Dont get me wrong. The above names i mentioned are very well qualified either by training, experience and academic status. They are the walking Wiki. When they talk, its all factual, precise and as-a-matter-of-fact speaking. They are the pros.Even i envy them.

They are being called an analyst because;

1) they are the masters in their field.
2) they dont have to abide by an International Association which govern the usage of the title Crime Analyst.

I was not given a chance to explain to him that i had to go through working experience, field and skill test, competency test, exams and what-have-you to be an analyst.

There are about 1686 crime analyst in the world. Only 4 in Asia; one each in Philippines, India, Hongkong and Malaysia. Only 1 in 1686 is a Malay-by-default! Ahaks.

Morale of the story; In my own country, male and female alike, you cant be a Malay, young, slightly good looking (he he...i am..i am) and talented all at the same time! Now, where is my eraser a.k.a. rubber ya? I need no erase something lah..Eh, where is my pensel 2B ha? I gotta fill in the blank..a new blank.AHAKS!!


Tehsin Mukhtar said...


Another heinous rape and murder of a her own home..within a gated, secure, apartment...

No one is safe!!!! Miskin, Middle-class, Kaya...semua jadi mangsa...

We have pushed for Nurin Alert, we MUST push for better police force, increased personnel, better pay, better training!!! Not some high tech billion dollar crap that is going to be used once then put on the scrap heap!!!

We must push for deterrent sentences!!!! The bastards are not scared of some bloody prison sentence!!!!! We must push for public punishment, flogging, then hanging in public!!!!

Mothers and fathers of Malaysia...get together and push for change for the safety of our families because those in power are too secure in their own high walled and guarded compounds to give a fuck about our families!!!!!

Tehsin Mukhtar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tehsin Mukhtar said...


Did polis check DNA material on the three girls tak? Mana lah tau..match ke?
On the kampung baru victims too? At least depa leh tgk sama org tak? Did they take sample swabs frm the kampung baru girls too?

Takkan tak cuba tgk match tak semua victims? At least can rule out dif person tak? and the girls raped masa pi beraya tu..depa amik tak dna sample frm the victim?? Mana tau were those guys yg keluar paper tu tempoh hari?

Please look into it...driving me nuts

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey bro, i sit around all day. i guess that makes me an ANALyst too...


Anonymous said...

memang handsome pun, my kind of guy hahaha.. nic

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i feel your pain

i feel your pain
audrey & nurul hanis