Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pain management 101

In the past few weeks, a lot had been said about crime and parenting skills. Some quarter said we should punish the parents.Some say nay. Some say we should conduct more initiative on crime prevention...bla bla bla.

But how come my phone hasn't been ringing with request/s from the same party who said that we should provide safe environment for the children and adult alike through crime prevention campaign?

I know for a fact that no one cares.

There was this wing who re-primanded me to 'tone down and not to over-shadow' their chief when i was about to go on stage once upon a time in Mempaga.Till this day, i do not want to carry out any crime prevention activity with or for them anymore. I dont work with clowns.

As a matter of fact, for the past 7 years, only 3 calls were made from this wing to invite me to work together with them.But yet, they claimed recently that we should put more effort in combating crime to ensure the safety of our kids!

For the record, i had conducted many many crime prevention workshops everywhere in Malaysia. The Government, Opposition, Orang Asli, Estate etc..To me, i m like a doctor or fireman. Professionalisme. I have to serve everybody regardsless of their camp. Besides, criminal doesn't ask question which side are you on before they rob and stab you innit?

I have no qualm to work together with anyone except the wing mentioned above. Why? I dont work with jokers, clowns and people who is much more interested in ensuring that the opening gimmick is greater than the talk itself! AHAKS!!

So, when a person talks "with grave concern" about the crime that effects the kids, I pinched myself on my flabby tummy. I just want to shift the pain somewhere...


My previous posting disqualified any person,if any, mentioned above. Reason: Brain should be attached to head all the time.


Anne78 said...

nice article


MaryKate said...

Hi Kamal, nice blog,truthfuly and funny. I agree with you, really NO ONE CARES. Somehow, I wished and want to do more but dont know where to go or how to start. When I talk to my neighbours and friends on Nurin,everyone just pitied her and her family, that's the most I can get from anyone. When I asked if they are interested on a safer neighbourhood, everyone looked at me as if I was an alien. It's their way to saying "it aint gonna happen to me or my child". I am deduced to believe that while we are a caring society, that's all to it, caring. However, try getting anyone to do rukun tetanga around my neighbourhood, everyone has more excuses than I can ever dream of. I still hope to volunteer for NurinAlert and I know many has done so, and it matters to me, even if I am one among many.

I know how frustrating it can be. Typical malaysian style, big problem, big news, big hooha, and it will eventually die. What happens to all the girls that died (their pictures on your blog), have the killer/s been found? What happend to Nurin or Presheena's killer/s. I have a feeling that one year from now, I will still see the same answer, sadly.

Tembam said...

I watched km/j last night (to be honest I happen to switch to RTM1) and caught the interview with Kerp. I liked the way you handled that interview bro. Not faking it. Good work. You are the man for Nurin Alert.

Cheers bro!

BTW, Silence of the Lambs is a fascinating study of the criminal mind. The book was worse than the movie save for Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster's fine performance. Still have the creeps from both the book and the movie.

pak shah said...

Hi Kamal,

You are doing a great job and a great service to Malaysians.
Don't let those publicity-seeking clowns bother you.
I support your efforts fully.

Jasni AJ said...


Bila nak masuk Chapter 102. lama dah tunggu ni!

Jasni AJ

anfield devotee said...


Seems to me you are like a true patriot (unlike some bloggers such as Big Dog) fer yer efforts. Well done & kudos. My prayers are with good samaritans such as yerself.

Take care of yerself, mate. The country needs more right-thinking & concerned citizens if it is to have any chance of negotiating this tricky period in our history.

But you are but one in a sea of publicity-seeking buffoons (ie our police & politicians).

Jutawan Internet said...

very busy lately uh?
'm waiting for your next posting

i feel your pain

i feel your pain
audrey & nurul hanis